Benefit!  When cut and dried it is horse feed.

                     After Vetiver 2015

                     Photo taken on Oct. 12, 2014

              Clean water after only 1 year.

     It stopped the erosion.  August 10, 2014

           Slips ready for transport of planting.

          Photo same day.  Already pot Bound.

   Photo taken when planted on July 27, 2014

  Photo of same plants on September  7, 2014

        Ornamental Vetiver hedge in Panama.

             Ornamental Vetiver in Panama.

 Used to stop erosion on hillsides in Panama.

                    Vetiver hedges in Panama.

Plugs or slips ready for planting or transport.

      A three year old plant cut back.

   Pollution control.  Notice  the water color.  

Preparing a floating pontoon.

Vetiverspain Grass Used To Fight Erosion.


Plants with no roots 1 week in plain water.

               Photo taken on August 10, 2010

            Fields of Vetiver at

After Terracing, before Vetiver.  2010

              Photo taken on August 10, 2014

            Fields of Vetiver at

   Same plants at 4 years requiring no water.

Vetiver used on pontoons to purify water.

Basic Pontoon Design for planting Vetiver

                              September 30, 2015

   Notice the color change in just 10 months.

Floating pontoon cleansing polluted water.

Potted plants ready for pick up in Sayalonga.

VetiverSpain before terracing.   2004

     3 month old plants used around a corral.

        3 Month old plants in Sayalonga, Spain