Erosion Control Plants

VetiverSpain erosion solutions.  We are Certified suppliers of a unique grass system called Vetiver,  (Chrysopogon Zizanioides variety Monto.)  It is a non invasive sterile grass that is used to fight  erosion.  It has a very strong vertical root system.  Environmental planning.   The plant grows to about 1.5 meters and the roots are 3-4 meters deep.  There are many uses for Vetiver including perfumes, salves,  lotions, etc.  We are located in Sayalonga, Spain in the Costa Del Sol.  For more information on VetiverSpain erosion solutions and increased crop production please go to the (Team) page or the YouTube page in the menu bar.

New News in from TVNI. 

The Vetiver Network International

The revised 2015 manual.

The Vetiver System for improving water quality.  Thanks to TVNI and the authors

Dr. Paul Truong and Luu Thai Danh.

Paul is the top scientist in the world for using Vetiver for cleansing water.  Here is the .pdf download file. 

Full 129 pages for free here.

For other articles by Dr. Paul Truong, the leading scientis in the field of Vetiver go to the TVNI network page and search for his articles.

For Spanish here is the link.  Aquí está el enlace para los españoles.

El Sistema Vetiver Para Mejorar La Calidad Del Agua.

Vetiver is used in many Permaculture applications and there are far to many articles to put on this website.  Please search google for information and if you have any questions please contact us.

Paco Pelaez is holding up a very young plant that we dug up to show the root system.  Paco is Spanish and has been with us the last 5 years starting as our personal gardener.  He  now manages our plantation, green houses  and nurseries.   Paco is also known locally as Señor Vetiver.  He has an incredible understanding of Vetiver grass.  He now sells it to the permaculture farmers, fruit and olive  farmers in the area.

This photo shows how our first plants were shipped to us but they were brown and looked dead.   Ours include more roots.  They are very hardy and take well to shipping.

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This photo shows the root growth of a 1 month old plant that was started with 3 individual plants, also called slips.

Above is another example of the amazing root system of the Vetiver Grass.  You can see how the plants can build a vertical wall below ground and can also filter water while stopping erosion.

This is a photo of a plant that was excavated to show the impressive root system of the Vetiver Grass.

                                   Vetiver Grass used as an ornamental hedge in Panama.

                               Ask us about the Vetiver uses in the Permaculture industry.

This is how we ship or deliver the slips, (individual plants.)    They have more root system to start with and therefor plant better and grow faster and become established sooner.

These are the same plants as in the above photo 4 years later which have no water requirements after the first 3 months.  If watered occasionally they will remain a bright green color as you can see in the other photo above and in the photo gallery page.  They will also stay green during a rainy season or an area with regular rain.  Since the grass is sterile they stay where you plant them.  They can only propagate by root division so they will not spread to other locations in your garden.   The seeds are sterile so are of no concern.

First planting at 3 months old.

In December of 2008 the Spanish Government released a public document that recommended  the use of Vetiver to fight erosion in Spain. 

See the link below to download a copy  of the publication.

Gobierno De España

Potted 3 month old plants from our greenhouse ready for pick up in Sayalonga.

The above photo shows the root system of a 2 year old plant in Brazil.  They do not interfere with other trees or plants as their root system grows straight down.  Go to the (Youtube) Page link in the menu bar at the top of the page to see the actual video of a machine digging up this  plant to expose the amazing root system.

Here is another example of the huge root systems of the Vetiver Plants.  We believe this is in Hondurals or El Salvador.  You can see how Vetiver can be used as an erosion control plant.

Same plants showing the pot bound root balls.

Vetiver System Basics
Click on the link above for a better understanding of Vetiver Grass.

Here is a perfect example of how just a few plants can be effective in halting erosion in a line of soil after a heavy rain of about 24mm.

This photo shows terraces where the plants are used to prevent erosion.